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Discussion session: ICT transformation - the impact of government spending review

Event type: Knowledge Café

De Vere Holborn Bars, London

09/03/2015 18:00


ICT transformation - the impact of government spen​ding review

We examine the impact of the government spending review on services, social care and the drive for devolutio​n

The government spending review highlighted the need for a further £11.5bn to be cut from the budget, continuing the pressure on local and central government to reduced spending while increasing efficiency. Councils have seen a funding decrease in the region of 40% over the course of this parliament, with savings of over £10bn secured by local government since 2010. Between March 2014 and the end of 2015/16 the funding gap for local government will stand at £5.8bn. The growing realisation that the challenges ahead present a real threat to statutory services, not accounting for any discretionary interventions.

One area of particular focus is ICT transformation. All departments and public bodies are under pressure to drive down cost, while increasing efficiency without compromising security, accessibility and performance. The Cloud First policy is one of the ways the government is pushing through reform in this space, inviting local and central government to consider cloud solutions for their IT requirements. Moving to the cloud offers significant improvements in flexibility and efficiency, as well as reductions in cost.


This evening session wil​l c​over:

Devolution and decentralisation
The need to drive down unit cost
Embracing the cloud
The impact of adult and social care reform
How effective and efficient ICT transformation can deliver cost reduction


How the evening will wo​​rk:

This evening event gives attendees the opportunity to discuss the issues in an informal Knowledge Café format. This is a great way of opening up conversations and discussions that will give participants a deeper understanding of the implications of these developments.After drinks on arrival a short introduction to the topic attendees break into small groups to consider the questions.  The event is sociable and informal and drinks and refreshments are provided throughout.  The session will finish with a group discussion and round up of key themes and challenges that were identified and we’ll circulate a paper summing up the ideas.


So what happens next and what does this mean for local government?

Although there is uncertainty surrounding policy after the general election, the one thing that is certain is the funding issue is not going away and will continue into the next parliament regardless of who gets into power.With this in mind, cost reduction is as important as ever if not more so. Embracing new technologies and work practices is just one way organisations can make an impact on cost to help budgets for key services such as adult social care which is currently estimated to be under funded by £1.9bn

Decentralisation needs to be taken seriously and requires genuine transfer of powers giving local governments the opportunity to truly control budgets and make savings where they identify them. Transformative change in how local and central government delivers services requires buy in and commitment from all parties involved. 

To understand more about what the councils think, come and join the discussion
For further information on this topic please read our paper on ICT Transformation, of if you would like more information on the event or to register please contact Joyce Harmon.



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