Overview of the new and exciting Office 365 Capabilities from the SharePoint Virtual Summit

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Microsoft have just announced their latest updates to the ever-growing Office 365 suite. Some minor, some pretty major, and some that I'm personally pretty excited about. Two elements that I'm most looking forward to seeing...

Introduction to Advanced Find – Part 2

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In the first part of our blog we discussed and demonstrated the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Find and how it can be used for basic filtering. In part two of this blog we...

CRM Dynamics Vs Salesforce

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This article has been written by David Jennaway, a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who has worked in the CRM arena for over 12 years. Although David’s primary experience is with Microsoft Dynamics CRM,...

Managing Identities in the Hybrid World of Azure AD

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Whatever your opinion is on the cloud and how secure it is for data storage, one thing that holds true is that a lot of cloud services are now moving into cheap 'commodity' territory. We...

Appit verses SharePoint workflow

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SharePoint has functionality around electronic forms and process automation. This is something that has been developed and improved over the various releases of SharePoint – back when I started with SharePoint 2007 workflows, creating a...

Whats new in sharepoint 2016?

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What does SharePoint 2016 have in store? SharePoint is such a large product that any release of a new version generally involves a focus on a few key ideas or areas of development. SharePoint 2016 is...

New Office 365 feature – What is Delve Analytics?

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If you use Delve in Office 365, you might have noticed a new link on the left hand side labelled Analytics. This is a new feature being rolled out across Microsoft Office 365.

Branding Your Intranet

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Branding and Company Identity are key buzzwords in the business world; and this blog looks at why it is important to brand your Intranet, even though it is for internal use only.  So let’s start...

New Office 365 feature – What is Flow?

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Depending on your Office 365 settings, when you got to the app launcher in the corner of the browser, you may see some new buttons, including one labelled Flow.

Introduction of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Find

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One of the most powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Advanced Find feature. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Find allows users to create complex queries in order to return specific data from the...

Core’s new Customer Success Manager

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I have recently joined Core as a Customer Success Manager. This is a new role for the company aimed at helping customers get as much value as possible. I thought it would be useful to...

What is Good Influence?

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Good Influence from Zaptitude is a solution for running and managing customer or member referral programs. Have you ever bought a product or joined an organisation and been promised rewards and benefits for encouraging your friends...

My favourite feature on Office 2016

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New feature on Office 2016 I’ve recently upgraded to Office 2016 and one of my new favourite features is how attachments are handled in Outlook. When I’m composing a new email, I can click on the...

How Microsoft CRM Online works together with Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft CRM Online is a solution for customer relationship management, allowing organisations to manage information and use it to streamline sales and marketing activities. Microsoft Power BI is a solution for visualising information and analysing...

In a Nutshell… SharePoint

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When asked to explain what SharePoint is, the first word that springs to mind is “big”. The second word is “flexible.” SharePoint has a very wide range of capabilities and features that can be implemented...

Sue Froggatt Interview Discussing membership management and CRM

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Core has configuredMicrosoft Dynamics CRM specifically for use bymembership organisations, to accelerate CRM project delivery based on the best practice we have learned from working with membership organisations for nearly a decade. In this post, Cheryl...

A Diary from the European SharePoint Conference 2013

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Sitting alone in Heathrow airport awaiting the 06:40 plane to Copenhagen and the European SharePoint Conference gave me an opportunity to do a bit of work (none of the shops were open and I had no book)....

The five major challenges around mobile working

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Bring your own Disaster Device People are using a lot of devices these days. According to Forrester research, a lot of business users are using three or more devices, with smartphones and tablets, as well...

CRM Online 2015 – Top 5 new features

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Top 5 new CRM Online features Microsoft continually invests in innovation and improving its products and Dynamics CRM is the latest to undergo developments. The new update sees a laser focus on the customer experience, with...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Release

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 – The Benefits It Provides For Businesses​ As part of its continual investment in product development, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be released in December. The updated software...