Three quick wins of outsourcing IT

Choosing to outsource IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a big decision. Many organisations hesitate or resist change because they don’t know what outsourcing will look like for their business. There’s also a reluctance to move away from the traditional in-house IT model and a sense of loyalty to existing teams.

But transitioning to Managed Services can bring quick but long-lasting wins for companies of every kind, and their internal IT team. Here are some of the wins reported by Core’s Managed Services customers…

Win #1: More time to innovate

Increasingly, companies want and need to be able to offer a mobile working experience to staff. This puts pressure on internal IT teams to set up users across multiple devices and deal with associated security issues. Lots of IT teams are flooded with support requests of a BAU (business as usual) nature, when their time could be used better. Moving to Managed Services can solve this problem; the MSP can complete mundane and repetitive tasks and your skilled internal IT team can focus on innovating instead of BAU activity. This gives your team better job satisfaction and makes them a real valuable resource to your business.

Another thing to consider, is that usually your internal IT team has been chosen for a specific skill set. Outsourcing gives you access to a wider team which can cover all areas of IT expertise. Plus, an MSP has experience working with other companies which has created a list of “lessons learnt” and lets them provide better service to you. What does all this mean? Your internal IT resource can focus their skills and time on critical systems within the company to provide a better service to your customers and clients.

Win #2: A more secure IT environment

Data hacks and leaks are big news and securing your network has never been more important, particularly in the age of GDPR. Failing to comply with GDPR can lead to serious fines which are damaging financially and in terms of reputation. Protecting customer data also creates greater trust between companies and customers.

With the leading technology companies proposing different secure solutions, choosing the ‘best’ one can be problematic. Using Managed Services for your IT security takes away this burden. The security of your IT environment is their number one priority. Pressure on internal teams is removed, so the resource can be used in more profitable ways and you can relax knowing endpoints, infrastructure and identity are being monitored 24×7.

Could your organisation recover from a security breach without any damaging consequences? If the answer is no, then why take the risk?

Win #3: Cost-savings, better budgeting

One of the major wins of outsourcing, particularly for CFOs and budget holders, is cost-savings.

Managed Service offerings are usually priced per user, server or device per month. This is great for IT budget holders who can accurately predict the spend for the year, without any hidden costs. This pricing model is particularly beneficial because it is flexible and can easily adapt to changes in headcount.

Your internal resource is still important though, as they can work with the MSP to ensure that wider business goals are being achieved while using their specific expert skills to innovate their IT estates.

The final word

Making the switch to Managed Services doesn’t have to be scary. Remember, IT outsourcing looks different for every company, and you don’t have to outsource everything. Thinking of it as a kind of IT ‘pick and mix’ can help you breakdown which areas you’d benefit from outsourcing, and which you could comfortably keep in-house. If there is an area of IT which is taking up most of your internal team’s time, without benefiting the business short of enabling BAU activity, why not consider outsourcing that specific requirement?

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Lucy Wright
Lucy Wright

Lucy is Core's Senior Copywriter and is responsible for creating content within the Marketing team. She began her copywriting career in B2C ecommerce before moving to the IT sector. A journalism graduate, Lucy has written for publications in Spain, China and the UK.

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