How to get people using your intranet

If you’ve invested in an intranet for your organisation, you want to see return on that investment. An unused intranet is a wasted opportunity for your organisation to improve communication, cohesion, collaboration and camaraderie between your teams. It also means the initial investment wasn’t worthwhile.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help boost employee engagement with your intranet and get staff using it to its full potential, so that they – and the business – reap the benefits.

Keep it simple

Modern intranets can be customised in endless ways, so you have the freedom to create an intranet that’s really unique to your company and unlike any other. While you probably want to customise your intranet to a certain extent, it’s also important to keep things simple. After all, if your intranet is difficult to navigate staff will be put off using it, and too much functionality can be overwhelming. It is possible to have an intranet that’s simple yet sophisticated; striking the perfect balance between the two is a sure-fire way of increasing employee engagement.

Looks matter

An attractive user interface and experience will encourage staff to use your intranet. It can be branded with your company logo and colours to really create a sense of community and to reinforce your brand identity.

Make it easy to use

If your intranet isn’t easy to use, people won’t want to use it. It should be clearly laid out and simple to navigate, and it should be easy for users to create and update their profile. The more intuitive your intranet is, the more people will want to use it.

Ask staff what they think

Send out an employee satisfaction survey to find out whether your staff are enjoying using your intranet. The whole point of your intranet is for staff to use it, so getting their feedback on what they like and don’t like is vital. With the results, you can make changes to the intranet that could boost employee engagement. Just be sure that your survey isn’t too long; if it is, staff probably won’t bother completing it.


Give training

Employees won’t engage with your intranet if they don’t know how to use it. This is where training comes in. It’s true that training can be time-consuming but if you want to see any return on investment, it’s worth taking the time to train staff in how to use your intranet. Hold group sessions if you want to save time and reach more people in one go. This also gives staff a chance ask questions, and everyone benefits from hearing the answer.

Hold (virtual) focus groups

A focus group is the perfect way to get feedback from employees about how your intranet could be improved (which will inevitably lead to better engagement). Your focus group doesn’t even have to be held in person; you can use the intranet itself to host the discussion as a virtual meeting. If you hold a focus group just once every few months, your intranet will be continuously improving and evolving and should provide employees with what they want.

Create intranet champions

Why not run a reward scheme for people who regularly use, update and contribute to the intranet? Points or prizes could be issued to the most prolific users; an incentive is often all it takes to get people engaged. You can also use the intranet as a place to praise staff publicly. Use it as a forum where teams and individuals can praise one another and see how quickly people start to log on!

Lead by example!

Staff can’t be expected to use the intranet if stakeholders and senior management don’t! Lead by example and use the intranet regularly for a range of purposes. Start discussions, post content, ask questions and arrange social events; being visible on the company intranet mean staff will take notice and follow suit!

If you think your organisation could benefit from an intranet, contact Core today. We can design and build an intuitive intranet that is customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

Lucy Wright
Lucy Wright

Lucy is Core's Senior Copywriter and is responsible for creating content within the Marketing team. She began her copywriting career in B2C ecommerce before moving to the IT sector. A journalism graduate, Lucy has written for publications in Spain, China and the UK.

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