FIVE reasons your organisation should be using Core’s CRM for Membership platform

Core knows that every Membership organisation is unique, be it in their identity, the industry they support or the challenges they face.

However, the importance of delivering an engaging member journey is universal.

Core is the longest serving Microsoft Gold Partner for CRM in the UK. By building on the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Membership Platform facilitates a comprehensive and engaging member journey.

Furthermore, our team of CRM consultants are led by the UK’s first Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for CRM, David Jennaway.

Core’s Membership Platform and team of experts currently support a range of trade bodies, professional associations and Royal Colleges with their membership services.

Here are FIVE reasons why your organisation should join them…


The single member view

Built on the sophisticated Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework, which is a part of the Office 365 stack, Core’s Membership Platform integrates seamlessly with other Office 365 applications.

The platform also integrates with other business systems, including websites, events, marketing, education and finance. Core’s Membership Platform successfully inspires and monitors detailed member engagement, delivering improved experience, understanding and comprehensive business benefits.

By integrating business systems to communicate seamlessly, Core’s Membership Platform tracks and reports membership activities and organisational goals inside a single, dynamic and real-time dashboard.


It’s cost-effective

Core’s Membership Platform has been built with the member journey in mind, offering excellent membership functionality directly out of the box.

Therefore, the process of personalising your CRM is accelerated and the cost of moving towards a bespoke CRM is significantly reduced.

Further alterations and customisations can of course be performed, offering a bespoke solution to suit any organisation.

Core recognises the unique identity and challenges facing each membership organisation. Our Membership Platform delivers an effective and flexible solution for every organisation, whether out of the box or bespoke.


It’s future-proof

Though modified for the membership sector, Core’s CRM for Membership Platform is built with as much out of box functionality as possible. This means the regular Microsoft updates will not interrupt or adversely affect the platform.

Dynamics 365 CRM platforms that are built with extensive custom codes may encounter issues with the regular Microsoft updates. This may result in loss of service and additional costs to correct the problem.

Core’s CRM Platform allows an organisation to be self-sufficient and experience all the benefits of Microsoft updates, without the worry, expense and loss of service that can result from platforms using extensive custom codes.


It’s secure and compliant

As a platform built upon Dynamics 365, Core’s CRM for Membership Platform can be deployed as a part of the Office 365 stack, which comes with a range of security and data management features that can secure your environment.

Core offers a range of security and compliance offerings, including services and assessments around GDPR. All of our offerings, including the Membership Platform, are fully compatible with processes mandated by GDPR.

A secure platform that can comply with the latest data protection legislation not only helps your organisation to avoid reputational and financial penalties. It is also an opportunity to provide members with an improved service. By consolidating your data and understanding it in greater detail, both your data and time can be used more intelligently, providing members with a more targeted and personal service.

We also offer various flexible options for platform support, training and user adoption, ensuring that your organisation gains full value from services going forward.


Increases productivity and efficiency

By consolidating all membership data into a single source of truth, Core’s CRM for Membership Platform makes it easy to track and report on member engagement in one dynamic dashboard.

By assessing individual member interests and interactions, processes can be automated to save time and increase targeted communication with members.

This increases the productivity of staff and the efficiency of relevant communication with members, which converts into reduced costs and improved retention.

On 20th September 2018, Core is hosting a free seminar in Central London to explore how our Membership Platform can help organisations to better communicate and engage with their members.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to put their questions to Core’s Lead CRM Consultant and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 10 years running, David Jennaway.

To register your attendance, please click here.


Lucy Wright
Callum MacKay

Callum is the Business Development Representative for Core and is responsible for generating new business in the Not-for-Profit and Public Sectors. A Masters graduate in International Journalism from the University of Leeds, he has experience working for organisations delivering services for Public Sector contracts. A key aspect of Callum’s role is to undertake extensive research to develop and maintain an in-depth understanding of the aims, issues and challenges facing the Sectors he works with.

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