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Press Association

​​​​Mo​​ving an outdated system to a usable robust cloud solution

Based in London, The Press Association (PA) is a leading provider of multi-platform content solutions ​​​across a broad range of industries and 145 years on its standing and reputation as a national news age​ncy remains unmatched. They were struggling with a technologically outdated desktop infrastructure that was in desperate need of an upgrade to a more usable and robust system. 

Our communications and collaboration system was becoming a challenge to manage effectively and efficiently”  says David Reed,Head of IS and Infrastructure  

The PA agreed it would be more cost-effective to upgrade to a unified, secure and stable platform. After are view of the different possibilities and options available, a decision was made to exploit the latest cloud-based technology in order to reduce costs and improve performance and staff productivity.​

Single sign on for improved performance and staff produc​​itivity

Working with Core, one of Microsoft's leading Cloud Partners, PA were able to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 exploiting Exchange Online and Active Directory Federations Service to provide single sign on.

The PA were looking at moving not only their email to the cloud but additional systems and applications which were located across organisational boundaries.They also wanted to offer employees single sign on access to enable anywhere working. Through Core's knowledge and vast migration experience they were able to embed the new technology with little or no problem.

A stable, cost effective and reliable solution

​Summarising the move to Office 365:

We now have a system that is working well and is much more stable, cost effective and reliable than the previous model.

Following the sucess of the move to the cloud a further migration of Meteogroup, the weather forecast division has also taken place. 


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