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​​​​​Hearing systems company quickly learns from Core training​​ workshop

​Swiss company Phonak has developed sophisticated hearing systems for over 60 years. Based in Warrington, the UK distributor Phonak UK employs 285 people and manufactures custom in-ear hearing systems. Its products feature advanced signal processing technology to provide the optimum hearing experience.

Rapid business growth for Phonak UK required the company to reassess the company’s administration systems. It was decided that tighter internal procedures were required for activities such as the issuing of identity badges or safety briefings. The company was already well equipped with business applications ,and identified the need to manage workflow, document lists and libraries. John Sunter, Head of IT, downloaded Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as a possible solution.


Utilising SharePoint workflows for autom​​ation and tracking

The software seemed ideal for automating and tracking the issues of identity badges, laptops and company cars. But it has to be robust and scalable.

A lot of systems that were in place have not scaled well. The idea was to use Microsoft SharePoint workflow for new starters. We wanted some simple projects that would add value to key parts of the business.

Knowing how best to deploy the software seemed a challenge. It was decided to find some training to help develop real examples to convince business managers. Sunter then approached Core after a recommendation and discovered that the company was particularly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Microsoft SharePoint. A free Core seminar proved compelling.​

Phonak then faced three choices: undertake the work in-house, bring in consultants or have some training. A conventional training course using Microsoft examples was too restrictive.​


Core's expertise to deliver ShareP​oint training

Core seemed the ideal choice. Not only had it worked with Microsoft SharePoint for over 10 years but was willing to engage in knowledge transfer. A bespoke training programme would quickly provide the required skills and confidence.The training workshop was given to IT staff at Phonak’s offices. Two days covered SharePoint lists for tasks like tracking laptops or libraries for managing technical documents. A third day reviewed the SharePoint server configuration while the fourth looked at workflows. Some immediately useful examples were developed and then deployed. 

Core’s approach to training is all about enablement, quickly transferring skills needed to manage SharePoint and help prove its business worth. By sharing knowledge, Core soon helped make Phonak self-sufficient.​

It was superb training and information provided by people who were clearly experts. They were approachable and friendly which kept the sessions interesting and fun. The systems that we are putting in are saving time, money and resources throughout the business right from the start.



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