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Fresh Tracks

​Fresh Tracks​​​​ make real inroads into complete pipeline management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Fresh Tracks provide innovative and challenging team building solutions to a wide range of companies. They were already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but felt the product could do so much more for them. Working with Core, they realised that ambition.  ​

Fresh Tracks have been working with a range of different organisations since 1992, encouraging teams of between 12 and 1200 people to work together and increase productivity through enjoyable team building exercises. 

Having already implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Fresh Tracks knew what the solution was capable of, but they did not know how to unlock that potential to allow Dynamics CRM to become an integral part of their day to day operations and facilitate their business growth. 

Before Core helped us, only a small number of people were using Dynamics CRM.  Now all our staff have the ability to track our activities, client and contacts accurately

During initial discussions with Fresh Tracks, it became apparent that they did not require the complex customisations that they envisaged. Core identified that a combination of advanced training delivered by Core's knowledgeable consultants, alongside some minimal customisation, Fresh Tracks would be able to unlock the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers. 

Central data management for a transparent sales​​ process

Fresh Tracks were using Dynamics CRM as a central data repository and to manage a transparent sales process. Through some face to face training, Core was able to empower users to utilise their existing system without the need for expensive customisation. ​

To achieve a workable, company-wide solution, Core first ensured that all data needed by Fresh Tracks was imported into their Dynamics CRM system. Once in place, Core used a variety of specialist consultants to conduct small group training sessions for all users. This allowed a meaningful dialogue to open between attendees and trainers, offering a valuable insight into what Dynamics CRM was capable of and how to implement this into everyday practice. Learning from Microsoft Certified Trainers with vast experience of Dynamics implementations ensured that they achieved the maximum return on their investment. 

As training progressed and the teams became more confident in what they were able to achieve with the system, it became clear that they could use the system for their complete pipeline management; tracking customers, revising quotes, managing costs and planning sales in one easy to use pipeline. 

Making CRM an integral part of the bus​​iness

Since working with Core, the number of staff using Microsoft Dynamics CRM has increased tenfold and it has​​​​ become one of the most valuable tools within the business. Once trained, staff were able to immediately take advantage of the centralised data and have full visibility of the complete pipeline, resulting in more information sharing, increased productivity and reduced data inaccuracies.  


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