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Transforming IT Infrastructure

​Outcome oriented hosting and software solutions to support growth

Transforming your IT infrastructure can mean almost anything

Essentially it's about providing a more secure, cost effective, agile platform from which employees business consume the productivity and collaboration tools and apps they need as a service without the headache and expense of managing a lot of hardware on site.

Core enables low cost, rapid proof of concept which help clients make smarter decisions and get the right solution for their business. There’s no need to commit to big upfront investment – many clients trial ideas and see if they suit.

Hosting transformation

We offer clients the option to host in the public cloud, private cloud, on premise or a combination of both. We offer Microsoft Azure solutions that allow you to upscale and downscale depending on demand.

Identity and access management

Self-service identity and access management is a critical part of streamlining IT Infrastructure and we do this through Aurora. Aurora is Core’s proprietary user interface which enables customers to manage user lifecycle workflow, groups, permissions, remote logins and security through a highly intuitive and easy to manage portal. Core includes Microsoft flagship Enterprise Mobility Suite as standard in our solution. This provides access to Microsoft Intune, Azure Premium services and Rights Management services so you can secure your email and documents with protection.

Email migration

We found that the most common reason as to why email migrations were not successful was down to user dissatisfaction. Core provide a bespoke migration service to Office 365 whereby users are migrated to the system in a quick and convenient way. Once the new users are migrated, they are provided with relevant collateral and personal training to improve the user experience.

Desktops and devices

Core can supply, configure and manage devices to your exact specification. VDI or session based (RDS) options are available along with APP-V (Application Virtualisation) and Azure RemoteApp. This mix provides the option to you that suits the differing needs of your workforce and contractors. Corporate virtual desktop sessions can be made available instantly and decommissioned when not required, meaning you only pay for what you use on the day that you use it.

 Why review your IT infrastructure

  • The implications of not having the full picture are seriousopen/close
    Many organisations don't have full sight of their current environment exposing them to risk of non-compliance and over-spend
  • Teams work in different ways leading to inefficiency and lack of controlopen/close
    Getting your business processes aligned creates immediate efficiencies
  • Older systems are costly to keep secure and currentopen/close
    Core’s solution enables user self-service, automation of identity and life cycle management through workflows
  • Low cost rapid proof of concept is an optionopen/close
    Many organisations take advantage of the opportunity to trial different options. This helps them make smarter decisions
  • On-premise emails require a lot of IT time and may no longer be supportedopen/close
    We offer a fast and cost effective email migration service that gets all your people on to Office 365
  • People want to work from their own devicesopen/close
    This can be a security headache but one that is easy to solve. We've helped over 3000 users migrate to secure mobile working.
  • Employees expect a range of mobile devices to be providedopen/close
    Core provides, configures and manages devices that are up-to-date and in line with your brand.
  • On-premises hardware takes up a lot of valuable real estateopen/close
    On-premise can be expensive and inflexible during quiet or busy periods. We will recommend the best hosting option for you. That may or may not be cloud based
  • Are you paying for technology they're not usingopen/close
    Full utilisation improves business performance, improves ROI and allows organisations to pay for what they consume and consume what they pay for


We’ve reduced the reliance on IT, and we’ve reduced our workload, which is great. It allows us to flex on demand, and it allows us to focus on those projects where maybe we can’t outsource.
Core was the only company that displayed knowledge and skills in all our requirements
Martin King
Core’s consultants were easy to work with and knowledgeable, with the kind of in-depth expertise in SharePoint that only years of work on successful projects provides
James Cahill
The hidden benefit of Office 365 was Lync Online. It has transformed the way staff work, at home or in remote locations. Lync Online offers the ideal channel through which to collaborate - with video conferencing, we can work effectively with our parent company to develop the business
James Cahill
With our previous system, our workforce could spend up to 20 minutes a day organising their mailboxes.