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Central & Local Government IT Managed Services

​​​​​Reducing the cost of secure mobile working for local and central government

Core's solution for government is a unique blended managed service offering that is tiered to provide the best of public, private hosted and managed on-premises IT services. It comprises four main elements: hosting, management of desktops and devices, identity and access management and 24 hour support.

The solution delivers increased productivity, reduced costs and a greater freedom for the user to work where they want, when they want and how they want creating a more engaged workforce.

Effects of the government spending review

The government spending review highlighted the need for a further £11.5bn to be cut from the budget, continuing the pressure on local and central government to reduced spending while increasing efficiency.

One area of particular focus is ICT transformation. All departments and public bodies are under pressure to drive down cost, while increasing efficiency without compromising security, accessibility and performance. The Cloud First policy is one of the ways the Government is pushing through reform in this space, inviting local and central government to consider cloud solutions for their IT requirements. Moving to the cloud offers significant improvements in flexibility and efficiency, as well as reductions in cost.



We created  Aurora in response to the challenges faced by local and central government. Aurora is the Identity and Access management portal through which clients and users access infrastructure, software and security services.  Aurora forms a critical part of Core's Solution for government and after submission of a Risk Management Document Set is certified at 'Official Level' security. 


Department of International Trade achieved a 40% saving

We have implemented this service to UK Trade and Investment with great success, delivering a 40% saving per user whilst obtaining Official level security accreditation from the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG).

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The benefits to organisations

By 2016 the core funding for local government will have reduced by 40% in real terms over the course of this government, with cuts in central government departments ranging from 6%-36%

  • Government and public sector users can work and share documents securely in an easy-to-manage environment
  • Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) means public bodies only pay for time and capacity required. This can be scaled up or down as necessary
  • The managed environment for desktops and devices is secured through multi-factor authentication
  • Aurora identity and access management portal allows easy self-service giving access to applications and data approved by the organisation
  • The 24 hour service desk gives you peace of mind and ensures a seamless customer experience

 Five common misconceptions

  • Cloud isn’t fully secureopen/close
    Security is a primary concern given the highly sensitive data handled by government organisations. The UKTI system was referred to the CESG for security clearance. Core was awarded the first RMADS G-Cloud supplier status accredited to “official” level. With a full identity and access management service, security is guaranteed from any location.
  • It can be expensive to implement open/close
    Core’s platform is priced on a subscription basis, and usage is tracked automatically. It is easily scalable and doesn’t require high volume roll-out in order to deliver savings. In the case of UKTI there was a 40% saving per user, and a consequent saving across the organisation.
  • It doesn’t deliver true remote working open/close
    The infrastructure developed for UKTI put in place flexible, secure and instant access to computing resources whether in the office, at home or out of the country. Our log-in system is fast and reliable.
  • You have to switch supplier every two years open/close
    Under the G-Cloud initiative it is mandatory that the contracts are for two years. After this time it is a requirement and that the contract is reviewed. There is no obligation to change partner. Rather it is an opportunity to ensure that your contract is the best value for money.
  • Working with an SME can be risky open/close
    They may not have the experience or capacity to deliver to a large organisation. We’re proud that our knowledge, expertise and experience has enabled us to deliver solutions to complex multi-national organisations in both private and public sector. The UKTI project has been rolled out to 2,500 staff to date in 107 countries.


Gita Krishnankutty
The new system has changed my life for better. I’m accessible when I am on the move. Connectivity is good and I am now able to work better with the UK because of the access after the High Commission closes
Core understood what we needed early on and came up with a solution that would work
Andrew Strachan
It was vital we could show we had responded fully to the needs of our users and were introducing a system which was fast, joined up and mobile
Andrew Strachan
The Cloud system with Core and the Microsoft suite of products has allowed us to achieve that in a very cost effective manner whilst delivering a host of productivity improvements