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Knowledge Management SharePoint Solutions

Knowledge Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enabling best practice sharing and information transfer

​Delivering intuitive, scalable search functionality​​

It cannot be under-estimated how "time is money" when it comes to data retrieval and information management. Companies use data in different ways depending on their focus, need and client base.

A call centre wants to retrieve the relevant article as quickly as possible to answer the customer's question, a law firm wants to see all documentation relating to a case; these are different needs but with the same challenge of how to get the information you want as efficiently as possible.

A survey of C-Level executives reported that 67% believe a robust knowledge Management strategy in an organisat​​ion drives efficiency, best practice sharing and information transfer

Streamlining process flows and data management into one cohesive system utilising SharePoint

Core’s knowledge management solution is based on intuitive and interactive search capabilities built on the needs of the client. We understand that every company is different and this is the starting point when we develop a solution.

Expected gains from implementing a Knowledge Management system:

If you encourage people to share content, you have to make sure they can find it quickly and easily when they next need it. Philip Williams, Chief Knowledge Officer, L.E.K. Consulting

 Three steps to consider

  • Identifying the business problemopen/close
    Successful implementation of a KM system requires clear identification of the business problem or issue to be solved and aligning this with the business objective
  • Performing the knowledge auditopen/close
    Identification of types of data, what is missing, who requires it and how will they use it
  • Definition of key featuresopen/close
    Factors to be considered may include system openness, measurability, customisability, accessibility and security


Philip Williams
As the business continued to grow it made sense to move to an off-the-shelf product we could customise and one that had more predictability about the platform
Philip Williams
We needed something in-tune with the consulting process and the natural workflow of the firm. It had to be fast, flexible and scalable
Philip Williams
If you encourage people to share content, you have to make sure they can find it quickly and easily when they next need it