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​​Transforming business through technology

We help businesses perform better. We believe that allowing people to work in the way they want from the devices they want is central to an efficient, effective and engaged workforce, resulting in a successful business.

To deliver this we provide solutions and services including secure working on the move, optimising data and information, and providing infrastructure and software on a subscription basis.

Aurora - Your gateway to the managed service

Aurora is a key component in Core's managed service offering. It is the Identity and Access management portal through which clients and users access infrastructure, software and security services. 

Eos – Core’s fast effective email migration

EOS is a fast and cost effective email migration service that gets all you people on to Office 365 using closed group reporting and a unique migration technique which avoids the costly need to provide Hybrid Exchange server technology and therefore greatly simplifies the change (and risks) to the on-premise environment.

The end result is reduced email cost per head, passwords all managed by individuals and system that benefits from regular updates. 

 Core's full service offering

  • Business Process Analysisopen/close
    Our skilled consultants work with you to understand your business in order to deliver solutions that support your requirements.
  • Consultancyopen/close
    We have unrivalled experience which allows us to offer best practice advice.
  • Project Managementopen/close
    Our Project Managers and Project Leads work with internal stakeholders to plan time-based chunked deliverables which avoid scope creep and meet deadlines.
  • Solution Architectureopen/close
    We have developed unique modules within Microsoft technology which can be configured to suit the individual needs of the organisation.
  • Provisioningopen/close
    We will prepare and equip your systems to give users access to data, networks and applications based on a permissions hierarchy and unique user identity
  • Hostingopen/close
    We will find the best hosting solution for your organisation. This might be utilising your own data centre, private cloud hosting, public cloud hosting or a hybrid solution
  • Data Managementopen/close
    We will help you organise what you have, what you keep and how you will provide access to it for users. We will work with you to create reporting structures that will help you make better decisions

 Across the Microsoft Stack

  • Identity and Access Managementopen/close
    Our gateway to the managed service, Aurora, offers hosted identity management and Active Directory Services management.
  • Device Configurationopen/close
    As a Cloud Accelerate Partner, we have expert knowledge and real business insight to mobile device management and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • Full productivity suiteopen/close
    We are experts in CRM, SharePoint, Yammer and Lync and working with productivity and communications tools to help your business be more effective
  • System Integrationopen/close
    We consider the existing systems and applications that your business operates and design systems to fit these accordingly. What processes and information must pass between applications? What processes can be handled by which technology? We can advise you on best practice.
  • Reporting open/close
    Tell us what you need to need to measure and report on and we will present a solution, from Advanced Find views of revenue or in-line pie charts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the cloud service Power BI which lets you share, collaborate and access your Excel reports and pivot tables from any device.
  • Trainingopen/close
    A successful I.T. project is reliant on user adoption and our team of consultants includes Microsoft certified trainers to ensure that your staff are up to speed quickly and efficiently with your new system.
  • Service and Supportopen/close
    Our team of experts will ensure your system operates efficiently at all times and that it continues to deliver on the goals and expectations of your business by offering support and ongoing system review.