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Microsoft Yammer

​Change is the new constant. Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Yammer collaboration software and business applications allow you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organise around projects so you can go further – faster.

Stay In The Know

You’re always connected to co-workers, information and conversations. Tap into your network to find exactly what you need and discover things you didn’t know to quickly make decisions, get work done and keep moving.

Collaborate - From The Bottom Up

Don’t let your hierarchy get in the way of working better together. Yammer brings together people who share the same goals so that collaboration just happens – even on the go.

Make An Impact

Making a difference at work doesn’t have to be difficult. Yammer gives everyone a voice, letting you seize opportunities to go beyond your job description and share ideas to move you and your company forward.

Built For You

Yammer evolves with you, so your company can keep up with whatever comes next. The result? An engaging, easy-to-use product that meets your business needs.