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K2 Appit for SharePoint

Quickly create secure, mobile-ready workflows, forms and business apps within SharePoint

K2 Appit for SharePoint takes the hassle and complexity out of the Microsoft SharePoint tasks that business users perform every day. Without having to know how to code, Appit lets your users quickly create secure, mobile-ready workflows, forms and apps that meet your immediate, specific needs. Users can solve their own business problems – even when the information that they need lives across disparate systems, departments and SharePoint sites. Appit business apps are reusable across the organisation, and because of the proprietary K2 SmartObject framework, each business app is easier to create than the one before it.

Appit for SharePoint lets users solve their own business problems with easy-to-use capabilities.

Users can quickly:

  • Customise SharePoint forms to provide a more intuitive interface for scenarios like managing project tasks or issue tracking lists. Users’ forms can easily include information from other areas of SharePoint or other LOB systems.
  • Create workflows and forms for scenarios like SharePoint site provisioning or document and policy approvals. The workflows and forms can span multiple SharePoint lists or libraries, whether in the cloud or on premises.
  • Create business apps to solve specific needs. For example, improve customer service to end users or build portals to share information with customers or vendors. These apps integrate with SharePoint and other line-of-business systems across the organisation, both on premises and in the cloud.

Core offers this unique application as part of its spectrum of SharePoint based products and services.