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SharePoint Document and Content Management

​​​Document and Content Management

Document management is one of the biggest tools in SharePoint. A good document management system can transform employee working practices with the ability to create and share work without the troubles associated with file shares. With Core’s expertise and experience, we can help you deliver a first-class environment using our “best practice” approaches for information architecture, taxonomy, security and more. 


  • Store documents securely in a logical structure
  • Easily restrict who has access to what content
  • Metadata classification, including full hierarchical taxonomies
  • Synchronised document libraries for offline use
  • Share content internally and externally with a few clicks
  • Make use of SharePoint's search engine to easily find content
  • Document approval mechanisms, so only verified content is publicly available


  • Enhance team productivity – document management can help employees become more efficient and organised. They will know exactly where to find the documents they need, teams can create different workspaces, coordinate calendars and also receive notifications and updates through communication features including announcements and alerts. 
  • Secure – Organisations can feel reassured that all their documents are stored in a secure environment. 
  • File sharing – this is a great benefit of SharePoint as it supplies document storage and retrieval functions. This includes the check in/check out function, co-authoring, version history, custom metadata and customisable views. Deleted documents are stored in a Recycle Bin, with a simple interface for restoring content, if required. 
  • Access documents from anywhere, on any smart device – View and edit documents on any smart device, navigate sites and access the full functionality of SharePoint, from anywhere.
  • Easily manage documents – Granular security, file locking, full version control and approval mechanisms are just a few of the out-of-the-box features that enable effective management of documents.

  • Build a collaborative working environment – SharePoint will enable your organisation to construct a collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and effort. The extensive range of out-of-the-box features allows for rapid deployment of full-scale solutions.