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Core launch GALSync - Synchronise multiple Global Address Lists

Posted by: Ellen Grant Posted date: 14/11/2016

​​ Have you ever wanted to view the availability and status of people in other locations for meetings? Perhaps a partner, customer or supplier?

Now you can with Core's Aurora GALSync (CAGS).

Core's experts have created CAGS which is a cloud based service that collects Address lists and Calendar free/busy information from each environment, merges them and republishes them to each of your environments.

With GALsync, all you need to do is identify the implementations of Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange you want to include in the GAL and let our software do the rest. 

Whether you want to book a meeting room in another building or check a person's availability across different organisations, CAGS lets you see this information automatically.

It is quick and easy to set up – we can have it up and running for you within a few hours! It will help users in your organisation save time and there is no additional hardware or software needed.

Click here if you want to know more about how GALSync works and the benefits it will bring to your organisation, or contact us for more information.​


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