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Core's Approach

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​25 years of expertise 

Whilst we recognise that every client's need is different, we also believe that rigorous process and robust methodology enables the creative freedom to deliver top quality solutions. ​

 One size does not fit all

We will guide you to the best solution for your business

  1. We work with clients to evaluate the current environment, assess current costs and risks and provide a cost benefit analysis with recommendations.
  2. We invest the time to learn about your operation and the restrictions and ambitions within it.
  3. We encourage you to trial different infrastructure options at low cost giving you rapid proof of concept.
  4. We will recommend the best hosting option for you.  Organisations vary so this might be on-premises, in the cloud or a bit of both.
  5. We offer training and support to make sure you understand how your systems work so that you get the most from them. You pay for what you use and use what you pay for.
  6. We advise on use of reporting analytics and business intelligence.
  7. We offer a 24/7 support service for managed clients.

A three phased approach that varies by client


24/7 service desk

We operate a round the clock support service for our managed clients. The support team is dedicated to providing our clients with rapid response, quick resolution of issues and a friendly professional service. 

 Core's approach to projects

Experience in delivering large scale projects has taught us that

  • Clients’ business requirements differ 
  • Bite-size deliverables keep projects moving rapidly
  • Joint working across teams keeps communications open and current
  • How to maximise budget for each phase of the project 

Joint working typically looks like this...


Agile methodology

We use a type of agile methodology. This means requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross-organisational teams.  

Our method promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. 

Customer facing project site

Our project extranet is accessible by clients giving real time visibility of:

  • Project plans and tasks
  • Time used report
  • Functional update log
  • Risk and issues log
  • Change control log

Why clients like our approach to projects

  • Visibility gives greater confidence 
  • Produces high levels of engagement in both teams
  • Accountability increases quality
  • Development is iterative
  • Reduces time in user acceptance testing
  • There are no surprises