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London Market Forum: Robotic Process Automation Seminar

Event type: Seminar


25/04/2017 15:30

Core and K2 are delighted to sponsor Robotic Process Automation in EC3 in association with The London Market Forum.

Join us on 25th April at 3.45pm at this interactive event organised by London Market Forum in order to learn more about the role that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays in business process management (BPM) in the insurance sector.


London Market Forum is pleased to present Andrew Murphy, Global VP Technical Services at K2, and Pablo Luis de Pable Martinez, CIO and Change Officer at Geoban UK, part of Santander.

Andrew will discuss how BPM and RPA can work together, how RPA help people in their daily tasks while BPM can contribute to change the way people operate. 

Pablo, on the other hand, will explain how RPA work in business and how this "gigantic cultural transformation" can cause a long-term impact.


Find out more info or register for the event here.


Date and Time:

25th April 2017

3:30pm – 7:15pm



City of London Club,

19 Old Broad Street,

London, EC2N 1DS


Insurance Management   Insurance